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RKE Welding Services, LLC.

Residential Friendly, whatever random

type of Fabrication or Repair you need, contact me. 

Welding Processes:

  • GTAW-TIG or old school term Heli arc

  • SMAW-Stick

  • GMAW-Mig

  • FCAW-Flux Core

Mobile Welding Equipment:

  • Miller 400 Pipe Pro

  • Miller Arc Reach Suitcase

  • Miller Dynasty 200 DX

  • Miller Wireless Foot Pedal and Hand Control

Specialty In Fabrication, and Repairs. Prices are negotiable after minimum, if its .001" of weld, its a minimum charge non negotiable.


Depending on Area, (Minimum $130 for local call out)

Bring to my garage/shop $$$Minimum charge$$$:

   mild steel-stick welding-80$

   mild steel specialty repairs-tig welding-100$

   aluminum and other alloys-100$

   per hour 50$ plus material

Contact me with Pictures and assumed material type needing repaired.


-If you have a Fabrication Project, send me a sketch and measurements of what you have in mind, otherwise i can come out, pull measurements, make the sketch and send it to you for final approval.

-Quote will be made with material pricing, consumables, equipment, and labor.

Free Estimates!

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